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Man's Search For Happiness

"It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness." - Thomas Jefferson.

Have you ever asked yourself what is true happiness?  If you have, you are not alone.  It is now the focus of numerous ongoing researches.  Ironically, the late Eric Hoff, American social-philosopher who died in 1983 once said, "the search for happiness is one of the chief sources of unhappiness."

The source of eternal happiness is viewed by many to be elusive however some have sought and found comfort in many self-help books.  Today the self-help industry is said to be worth more than US$10 Billion dollars in America alone.  In addition to the books, there are seminars, podcasts, workshops, exercises and coaches all directed towards enhancing and developing a happy mind and body.

Some people may look down on others for their pursuit of a happy frame of mind, however, the US Constitution declares it as a right. Over the years, other nations have joined …

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