Friday, March 29, 2019

In His Image

     In creation God spoke everything into existence.  He said let there be light and there was light.  He commanded the land to be separated from the waters and it was so.  With his thought he divided the day into night and placed the planets, stars, the moon and the sun into place.  He glanced at the heavens and at the ocean and caused the fowls of the air and the fish of the sea to appear.  He stepped on the land and grass, herbs, trees and animals appeared.    However, when it was time for the creation of man, He could have said, "let man appear," and it would have been so.  Instead, he took the time to kneel by a spot of land of his own choosing.  He then cleared the grass until the clay appeared.  He gathered water and slowly poured it into the earth and with His hands he molded the clay until His image appeared.  He then fashioned the rest of the body into what would be described as 'the marvel of the work of creation.'  As if that was not enough, instead of rising to his feet and commanding the mold of the first man to rise to signify the creature from the Creator, still kneeling, he blew he breathe of life into his nostrils.  When mankind awoke, he was helped to his feet by God himself and given dominance of everything that was created.

     Everything was spoken into existence, except for mankind.  With his own hands God molded and fashioned him.  Then he breathe into his nostrils the breath of life.  Our existence therefore should never be taken for granted nor questioned.  God took the time to mold us and then breathe the breath of life into us after which he help him to his feet.  Indeed, this shows how intimately his relationship with mankind was intended to be from the beginning.  Man's search for meaning is found in his creator not in 'what is out there'. God is everywhere, waiting with an out stretched hand to lift us to our feet as he did Adam.

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