Next Step to Success - "Be Thankful"

     In today's society, people have lost the true meaning of gratitude.  We open the door for the stranger who steps through and sometimes keeps walking without acknowledging the kind gesture. The words "thank you" are becoming increasingly extinct.  Personally, I have become immune to people being ungrateful and see it as being 'just one of those things' and I, go along my merry way.  My wife, however, isn't as tolerant and becomes infuriated by the total discard of the small phrase that consists of those two words.  Can the level of one's success and happiness be measured by the use of this small phrase especially if it is written?   As the clip below shows, there are some individuals who think it does.

     After reflection, it is easy to see how saying thank you may lead to happiness and fulfillment.  After the earth was created and everything else was put in its place, God saw that it was good.  It was the sixth day and there was just one thing lacking; a caretaker.  He could have given the garden to the angels, however, they already had a home of their own called heaven.  They liked where they lived and they were not looking for another land of opportunity.  I doubt having angels inhabiting the earth was a part of God's plan.  He, therefore, added the finishing touches to his creation in the form of mankind.
     Everything was already in place.  Adam had fresh air to breathe, the freshest and coolest water to drink.  He was blessed with fruits, nuts and seeds from every herb bearing seed as food.  The only thing required of Adam, which came naturally at that time, was to give thanks.  He was never asked to pay rent neither was there a surcharge for food and water.  The only thing required of him was his faithfulness and gratitude.
     People who refuse to acknowledge kindness and thoughtfulness tend to be bitter and cynical most if not all of the time.  They blame their lack of possessions and unhappiness on others, not realizing that by giving thanks for the little they have more can be done with it.
     In teaching His disciples how to pray the Lord began with gratitude and the acknowledgment of God as Father.  What better example do we need for the expression of appreciation for all that God has done for us?
     Today, let's pause to tell God thanks for all he has done for us.  Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good for his love endures forever.  This process will uplift the spirit and prepare us for what he has planned for us.

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