Thursday, December 20, 2012

He was more than a dreamer with a colorful coat

For years, those of us who have attended church or have some inclination of the book of Genesis have been familiar with the story of Joseph.  The young boy who was called 'a dreamer' by his siblings and was loved dearly by his father, Jacob, who gave him a coat of many colors and in a fit of jealousy was then sold to traders by his brothers and thus continues an emotional story.  Few people have seen another aspect of the story.  One of not of faith and courage but spiritual and personal development.  Join me in March 2013 as I share the other side of the life of one of my favorite biblical mentors.  Many things will surprise you as much as I was. 

Indeed I am honored to have been given the opportunity to go behind the scenes and to share with you his life in the upcoming book:

JOSEPH'S MEMOIRS - Life Lesson's For A Successful You

    Coming to a Bookstore near you in 2013

Sunday, December 9, 2012

To Win - Know The Rules Of The Game

   image photo : Milan stadium - crowd of fans 

    I am not a football fanatic, however I do enjoy watching a good game at home with my wife.  I am often amazed by the large number of die hard fans who fill the stadiums to watch and cheer for their favorite team.  The players, pumped by the excitement generated by these cheering fans, run on to the field ready to play.  As the game begins, the athletes are relentless to score as many touchdowns as possible to ensure a win when the final whistle blows.  During the game a few players try to break the rules and if they are caught the team of the guilty player is penalized.  Some fouls are so blatant I have to ask my wife, "How long have these guys been playing, not to know they would be caught and penalized?  Now it might cost them the game."

    Life is often compared as a game.  The winners study the rules of the game and enter the arena prepared.  As in football they prepare hard in the off-season to ensure they are mentally and physically prepared for each game that lasts only sixty minutes.  After each game, win or lose, they return to the training field to observe the previous game and prepare for the next.  There is no success without failure.  Winners learn from their wins and failures by reviewing what they did to get the result they got.
    We all wish to win but few wish to learn the rules. There are some who take the time to learn the rules, in order to cheat.  Life has a way of rewarding those who play by the rules and penalizing those who cheat.  "The world is a stage," Shakespeare wrote, however, we write our own playbook for our game-day.  Our games are played daily.  Each day we wake up, we are on life's stage.
   We keep looking for the rules and the purpose for winning not realizing God has already made everything available to us.  We have open access to His playbook everyday.  However to win, like everything else, we need to know the rules and play by them.  "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding," King Solomon wrote, "In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths." (Prov. 3:5-6 KJV)
    God creates winners.  He does it for a living.  You do not need special skills.  The only thing you need is 'a willingness' to love and serve Him and he will make a winner out of you.
    Make a conscious decision today to play to win.  Victory will be yours.  God has never lost a game and He plays to win.  The angels in heaven are your fans and they are waiting to cheer you on.  "To victory!" cries Jesus, Captain of the team.  "Come on! We can do it.  Let's win that prize!"