Monday, February 18, 2013

Thank You

     I would like to thank everyone for your kind words and well wishes.  To my supporters who have been purchasing and reading my book, "Joseph's Memoirs" and sending me their messages and comments, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude and pray that it changes your life as it did mine.  It is not a simple book that tells the story of a young man many of us have heard while attending church.  The book is about a young man whose story I have used to guide my life through some of its challenging times.  I can relate to Joseph and I am sure some of you can too.  
     Years ago when I was unemployed and broke, I needed a compass that would guide me out of the valley of the shadow of debt.  I turned to the bible and found Joseph's story.  Not only did it bring comfort to a weary soul, it gave me answers.  Armed with these lessons, I began applying them every step along the way.  Verbally I have shared them with others who have seen changes in their lives as they apply these lessons as well.  These lessons I now share with you.  They are indeed life changing.  I should know - they have changed mine.  Do not read the book once.  Use it as a guide.  Use it as a tool to build that aspect of your life which is challenging to you.  After you have learned the application share it.  God's word is unique; the more you share the more you are left with.
    If you have not yet purchased your copy you are missing out.  Take action today.  In all things I pray you may prosper and be in health.

Hugh Rowe