Monday, March 18, 2013

Joseph's Memoirs First Critical Review


Joseph's Memoirs: Life Lessons For A Successful You

Joseph’s Memoirs
Life Lessons For A Successful You
Hugh Rowe
ISBN: 978-1-4772-9519-9 (sc)   ISBN: 978-1-4472-9520-5 (e)   ISBN; 978-1-4772-9521-2 (hc)
110 pages (Includes front and back matter)

Joseph, the Hebrew prince, whose father gave him a beautiful coat of many colors, has always been one of my favorite biblical characters.  In Joseph’s Memoirs, Hugh Rowe, the author, has Joseph telling readers about his own experiences in an unforgettable and unique first-person presentation of a “rags to riches” story.  Sold into slavery by his jealous brothers at the age of seventeen, he finds himself  in Egypt where he faces many adversities that include time spent in prison for an offense he didn’t commit.  The young Hebrew never gives up, and the king of Egypt appoints him as prime minister of the land. Yes, incredibly, he becomes second in command. How could this possibly be?  Perhaps, in addition to his unwavering faith in God, he is greatly influenced by the words of wisdom spoken to him by Jacob, his father.  This illustrates the importance of biblical teachings, lessons learned, and family history being passed down from one generation to the next.

As a publisher and book reviewer, I have read many self-help books, but none provide a blueprint for success and abundant life as well as this book.  Rowe displays his creative ability and writing skills by having Joseph switch to various biblical time periods without confusing readers. By doing this, familiar Scripture is often seen in a different and informative light.

Individuals who are struggling in today’s economy often find fault with their low wages or are upset that any money saved is not earning them much interest.  They probably wish they could find a Joseph to help them accumulate wealth—to take over as second in command.  By listening to God and interpreting the king’s dreams, a one-time slave prepared Egypt for a famine which could have resulted in starvation for people throughout all the lands.

Many of us fail to apply the biblical concepts of success that Joseph used, not fully understanding the pathway that God has given us to follow.  Instead of dwelling on betrayal, Joseph forgave, and through faith, planning, hard work, teamwork (think of the trinity), delegation, networking, time management, proper dress code, and perseverance, he fulfilled his destiny.  For this to happen, the right sequence of events had to be in place.  On page 83, Joseph quotes his father as saying, “God never fails and never designed us to be failures.  We tend to sell ourselves at a loss instead of a profit.”

This inspiring, well-written book is definitely on my list of “must reads.”

Bettie Corbin Tucker
For Independent Professional Book Reviewers