Monday, April 22, 2013

Suffering and Success


     Before the power of the atom was discovered, science had to devise a way to smash the atom.  The secret of the atom's immeasurable and limitless power was in its being crushed.
     Some of the most godly people I've ever known were men and women who were called upon to endure great suffering.  They could have grown bitter and resentful .. yet, because they knew Christ and walked in the joy of His presence every day, God blessed them and turned them into people who reflected Christ.
     Dr. Edward Judson, at the dedication of a church in New York City, said, "Suffering and success go together.  If you are succeeding without suffering, it is because others before you have suffered; if you are suffering without succeeding, it is that others after you may succeed."
     Admittedly it's hard to "count it all joy" when suffering comes.  But when it does, ask God to sanctify it and use it to make you steadfast in your faith.

Taken from "Hope for each day" by Billy Graham

Friday, April 5, 2013

Churches and Forclosure

As more Americans struggle financially, the effect is being felt by the church.

Reverend Gregory G. Groover is pictured sits for a portrait inside the Charles St. AME Church in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts March 7, 2012. The church is being threatened with foreclosure and a March 22 auction by its lender OneUnited bank, America's largest black-owned bank. The bank says the church, which was founded in 1818 and played a major role in the anti-slavery movement, has defaulted on a $1.1 million balloon loan that came due in December 2011. Groover said the church did not default by missing monthly payments, but is in trouble because the loan ballooned. REUTERS-Brian Snyder
(Reuters) - Banks are foreclosing on America's churches in record numbers as lenders increasingly lose patience with religious facilities that have defaulted on their mortgages, according to new data.  Read more