Monday, July 7, 2014

The Undercover God


    The Undercover Boss became a hit with viewers when it first aired in the United States in 2010.  The show features the experiences of senior executives working undercover in their own companies.  Though a number of the executives were themselves founders of the companies it is amazing how many things they didn't know at the ground level.  They were able to set the policies and best practices that they presumed would minimize cost and maximize profits, however, they didn't spend as much time analyzing how it would affect those doing the actual work.
     God, who created the earth, stepped into the role of Savior to show us how we should live.  No task was below Him as in the washing of his disciples' feet and neither was any task too great, like raising the dead.
     Jesus' favorite designation for himself was 'Son of Man'.  He referred to Himself as Son of Man more than eighty times. Other people never addressed Him that way. He, of course, selected this special designation for Himself with a purpose in mind.
This idiomatic expression was common in the Old Testament. With just one exception, it always referred to a human; thus, Jesus used it in order to emphasize His humanity.
Scripture presents Jesus as a true human being. He was born as a baby, grew up as a child (increasing in wisdom and in stature [Luke 2:4052]) no one had to teach Him anything as He knew everyone's core role.  He had sisters and brothers (Matt. 13:55-56). He ate (Matt. 9:11), slept (Luke 8:23), was tired (John 4:6), and suffered hunger and thirst (Matt. 4:2John 19:28). He also experienced sorrow and distress (Matt. 26:37).
     To the casual observer, Jesus seemed to be a common man who walked among the people as one of the multitude. Many of His contemporaries did not recognize in Him anything more than a man (John 7:46). People treated Him as one of them; they laughed at Him (Luke 8:53), criticized Him (Matt. 11:19), even mocked and beat Him (Luke 22:63). To them, He was just another human being. 

     The workers saw the Undercover Boss as a regular person until close to the end of the episode the revelation is made.  In some cases individuals lost their jobs while others who showed exemplary skills were either promoted or rewarded for their contribution to the company.  With Christ the same fate awaits.  

     These senior executives gave up their lifestyles for a week to experience how their policies affect the average worker.  They were amazed at what was being accomplished by the many who were rarely recognized and showed appreciation.  God is just and rewards everyone according to their works.  Not only did He set and implemented the policies, He showed us how they are to be worked into our lives.