Tuesday, April 2, 2019

It Has Been a While

     There is a phrase that goes 'absence makes the heart grow fonder.'  It has been a while since my last post but fear not, I have not gone far my friends.  Hopefully, I have not lost all of you but kept you on the edge of your seats (or benches) wondering what will he be doing on his return!  To you our well-deserving followers, we have been working behind the scenes and finalizing plans on how to best serve you.  We will remain Christ-centered and with all intentions, wish to help you to make your lives more meaningful.
     Over the past few months, we have taken the task of refocusing the mission of the organization with you in mind, asking the question: how can we help our readers add value to their lives in a way that makes it more enjoyable and applicable?  How can we make living for Christ one that brings Him glory and leaves readers so fulfilled it makes them attractable to others?
     Unfortunately, there are many individuals who have the wrong perception of Christianity.  They see it as a hindrance and even boring; a very uninviting way of life.  They fail to understand; Jesus' ministry was one based on a lifestyle and not a one-time event that culminated on the cross.  This lifestyle attracted many to him as he walked the earth teaching and sharing the real meaning of His father's love.  Various aspects of this lifestyle and teachings are now being taught to, and being embraced by, business leaders as they look to boost their company's bottom line in addition to keeping morale in the workplace at a high level.

"If you wish to be a leader, find a way to be a servant,"

     At every level, leaders are being the concept of servant leadership, a lesson Jesus taught His disciples as they challenged each other for the highest position when He established His kingdom.  "If you wish to be a leader, find a way to be a servant," He told them.  Successful people are beginning to recognize the relevance of biblical concepts in achieving both personal and business/career goals.
     With this in mind, we continue the process of restructuring our organization starting with our blog, changing its name from the "The Little Spark" to Joseph's Memoirs.  This places our blog within the threshold of our brand in using the story of Joseph to bring about a change in the life that individuals are sacrificing eternal life for.
     As we undertake the task of helping you to redesign your life, practice the principle of giving back by sharing our posts with your friends and encourage them to read, practice and share the principles as well.  Together, let us change the world,  not by complaining about what others are doing and hoping the change will come by itself but let us do as Jesus did - be the change that we would like to see. 
     Thank you for your time and for making us your number one resource to transforming your life.  God bless.  

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